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Incubation Senior Technical Artist

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Incubation Senior Technical Artist

Bungie is looking for a Senior Technical Artist to define how we meet the visual goals of our next enduring game franchise. As a Senior Technical Artist you will be on the front lines of art and technology development. You will drive and innovate new workflows, evangelize new methods of content creation and raise the bar on the range of artistic possibilities for visual world building at Bungie.

During these uncertain times and rapidly changing environment surrounding COVID-19, all positions at Bungie are subject to onboarding and working virtually/remotely.


  • Collaborate with the Art Director to define and manage project technical requirements to hit the visual target of Bungie's next new game
  • Align engineering and art disciplines around priorities and compromises to make the best overall product
  • Oversee look development, providing mentorship to ensure content creators fully realize our systems potential
  • Engineer render features and tools to unlock new workflows and elevate visual quality and efficiency
  • Seek out improved methods of content creation
  • Develop sample content to prove out new workflows and showcase visual improvements
  • Collaborate with Technical Artists across Bungie to ensure coherent technology and best practices
  • Ensure art teams can work efficiently, while managing performance and budget standards

Required Skills

  • Professional game development experience
  • Production knowledge of DCC Packages (e.g. Maya, Houdini, Substance)
  • Experience creating render features and tools in HLSL, Python, C# or C++
  • Proficient understanding of real time rendering concepts
  • In-depth knowledge of authoring shaders and lighting in real time
  • Solid understanding of modern game content creation processes
  • Drive for results, take initiative and be a strong team player

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