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Technical Dialogue Designer

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Technical Dialogue Designer

Great stories require great dialogue, and great dialogue requires people with a strong combination of sound design and technical skills. As a Technical Dialogue Designer, you complete the equation that brings dialogue into our games. Bungie needs a dialogue design and implementation specialist to contribute to our narrative efforts. This is a unique opportunity to join a team that has revolutionized the way dialogue has driven story in games.


  • Implement dialogue assets into our games
  • Ensure consistent and reliable delivery of all dialogue assets
  • Utilize and create systems to effectively manage many thousands of dialogue assets
  • Debug problems in the dialogue delivery systems and implementation
  • Design and apply voice effects processing systems using programmatic automation, DAWs, and audio plugins
  • Coordinate with Dialogue Lead and Narrative Design to ensure that technical dialogue needs are met
  • Conceptualize and propose forward-thinking dialogue usage to improve narrative quality
  • Collaborate with Dialogue Lead and Audio Leads to ensure content quality bar meets our standards

Required Skills

  • 2+ years of experience in games and/or audio post-production and podcast production
  • Understanding of game audio aesthetics and implementation methods
  • Experience editing and managing large quantities of game dialogue content
  • Proficiency with modern computer-based audio production tools such as Pro Tools, Reaper, and Sound Forge
  • An understanding of traditional studio engineering, audio post production, and dialogue recording techniques
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Experience implementing game audio via Audiokinetic Wwise is required
  • Programming experience with Lua and/or C# is preferred