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Physical Security Manager

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Physical Security Manager

Bungie Operations is searching for a Physical Security Manager to join the team. In this role, you will be responsible for all aspects of Bungie’s security services: hiring, contracting, training, and managing security staff; liaising with local and regional law enforcement; overseeing executive protection; directing security for Bungie-hosted events; threat management; and ensuring the overall safety of Bungie’s facilities. You will be accountable to the Director of Operations.


  • Hire, train, supervise, and manage the security department employees and contractors
  • Ensure the department is properly always staffed
  • Develop and implement company-wide safety and security policies and procedures related to building security, emergency preparedness, safety hazard mitigation, protection of company assets, loss prevention, operating procedure manuals, emergency action plans, and documents required by law Monitor and maintain the studio’s security and life safety systems Establish and maintain professional relationships and standard emergency response protocols with local and regional law enforcement and first responders
  • Work with the Bungie’s HR and Legal departments to establish and maintain occupational safety, accident prevention programs, and all training records and drills required by local, state, and federal laws, codes, and regulations
  • Conduct and threat assessment interviews to the threat management team
  • Direct the threat management team during incident response
  • Develop and maintain the department’s annual operating plan and budget
  • Manage vendor agreements, contracts, and relationships
  • Work with the Publishing team to provide security for public events, and act as a liaison with private contractors for executive protection at special events

Required Skills

  • Experience in corporate or enterprise security
  • Management experience
  • Able to participate in an on-call schedule
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Resolve emergency situations in a calm and professional demeanor
  • Threat management training and experience (WAVR-21, ATAP, or CMT)
  • Organizational skills i.e., able to manage projects and schedules
  • Communication skills i.e., develop written documentation and training materials
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite i.e., Outlook, Excel, etc.
  • Able to lift objects weighing up to 50 pounds, unassisted
  • Able to run and climb stairs or ladders
  • Able to respond to auditory alarms, radio, and other emergent situations

Nice To Have Skills

  • Proficiency with Everbridge
  • Executive protection experience
  • Washington State Armed Private Security Guard License
  • Washington State Concealed Pistol License

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