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Combat Design Lead

Bungie is seeking a highly technical, creative, and team-oriented Combat Design Lead who is excited to build our next great IP.

Do you obsessively replay great combat encounters in the latest action-adventure game? Do you spend hours hitting the combat dummies in MMOs with every ability in your spellbook? Are you at pinnacle skill ranking in your favorite competitive game? Is "TTK" written obsessively in your notebooks?

You are part sandbox designer, part level designer, and part systems designer. There is nothing that you are unwilling to learn and prototype in the ultimate pursuit of top-tier combat design. But you also understand that engaging combat is the result of multiple disciplines effectively working in tandem, so your soft skills are just as sharp as your design skills.

In addition to starting off as an individual contributor, you'll eventually be responsible for leading a small team of designers and artists, each responsible for a different piece of the combat systems pie. You bring out the best work in your reports, inspire them, and act as a force multiplier for their productivity.

The Combat Systems Team will be a machine the likes of which this industry has never seen. A machine that runs on the drama of engaging combat along with the adrenaline rush of barely defeating your opponent or escaping with your life. And you'll be at the head of it.

Does this sound like you? If so, join us and put a dent in universe!

During these uncertain times and rapidly changing environment surrounding COVID-19, all positions at Bungie are subject to onboarding and working virtually/remotely.


  • Work with creative leadership to prototype, build, and ultimately own the entire moment-to-moment combat experience for a new project
  • Build and iterate on core combat systems such as AI, weapons, armor, and abilities
  • Collaborate daily with a cross-discipline team to understand and build what's best for the game
  • Directly manage a small team of designers and artists
  • Invent, extend, and maintain processes, tools, workflows, and features for the team
  • Participate in playtests as a player, moderator, or an observer while championing a safe and constructive feedback environment

Required Skills

  • Experience as a combat, sandbox, or systems designer with at least two shipped products under your belt
  • Experience designing and documenting weapon systems, damage systems, abilities, or any other fundamental action game system
  • Experience tuning complex game combat systems such as aim assist cones, control response curves, and AI behaviors
  • Scripting or coding experience (Python, LUA, C++, etc)
  • Ability to creatively align with a leadership team and then take initiative
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Interest in playtesting, getting feedback, and giving feedback

Nice To Have Skills

  • Experience with and love of competitive games
  • Online portfolio with examples of your work

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