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Associate Activity Designer

Do you love building fun action scenarios for players? Do you enjoy tuning and adjusting combat encounters until they feel just right? Are you looking to work on AAA games with talented and enthusiastic people in a team environment? If so, we have the job for you! Bungie is looking for an open-minded, creative and dedicated Associate Activity Designer for Destiny.

 As an Associate Activity Designer, you are responsible for the development and execution of Destiny activities, encounters, and pursuits. You will work as part of a highly collaborative group and interact with a diverse set of teams to create compelling PvE and reward experiences for the game’s annual and seasonal releases. You will participate in a process and culture that relies on providing and receiving feedback to shepherd content through all phases of production.


  • Build, and maintain PvE encounters, activities, and pursuit content with guidance from senior designers
  • Design, implement, and balance bounty and quest content with assistance from Bungie design mentors
  • Collaborate with and learn from economy designers to determine and implement reward points for your content
  • Humbly iterate on the design vision for your content based on reactions from studio leadership, project leads, and playtests

Required Skills

  • Knowledge of the basics of spatial and mechanical encounter principles
  • Entry-level understanding of level/spatial design tools and gameplay scripting languages
  • Understanding of the Destiny player experience, economy, and PvE activities
  • Willingness to contribute to a positive and inclusive work environment
  • Ability to be self-sufficient and self-motivated while having no fear of asking for help or guidance
  • Excitement for collaboration with designers, artists, programmers, musicians, testers and producers to achieve a common goal
  • Effective communication skills (verbal and written)