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Assistant Game Director

You are responsible for the larger creative vision of Destiny 2's annual release. Your job is to forge Scenario, Systems, and the launch season into a unified whole that sing in harmony. You partner with the Game Director and Creative Directors to ensure that the annual release complements all other releases and sets a powerful stage for the entire year of content.

You work with the creative directors to create a clear and compelling set of pillars that the annual release can build around. You also work with the creative directors to create feature sets that are aligned with these goals, meet business needs, and keep players excited and engaged.

Your job is to boldly promote the pillars and the product design to the team and the company at large, building high levels of alignment and enthusiasm. You are also responsible for revising and maintaining the product design based on feedback from the Game Director, GM, Franchise Director, and the other Creative Directors.

You hold Creative Directors accountable for the quality and accuracy of work their group produces for the annual release. You also work with your Destiny 2 Leadership teammates to ensure all disciplines are aligned and bringing all necessary resources to bear on the annual release.

You also participate in concepting and planning the entire slate of Destiny 2 products for the coming year, and help the Game Director develop a multi-year roadmap for Destiny 2. You and the Game Director are constantly aligned and promote the same values and message. You also can act on the Game Director’s behalf when they are unavailable.


  • Work with the Game Director and Creative Directors to develop and champion a powerful product design for the annual release.
  • Work with Game Director and Creative Directors to define clear product pillars for design, art, narrative, and engineering.
  • Work with the Design Director to vet the product design from an execution and achievability standpoint.
  • Regularly meet with the Design Director and Creative Directors to review the state of the game, and determine necessary pivots
  • Periodically meet with Franchise Director and GM to ensure the product design is meeting franchise goals and business needs
  • Ensure that all major pieces of the annual release are tightly integrated and force multiply each other
  • Set up the annual release to be a powerful platform to boost player engagement, and set a good foundation for future content

Required Skills

  • You are a fearless communicator. You can convey a vision quickly, and inspire and unleash the team to execute on it
  • Relentlessly upgrade the vision by drawing on the creative energy and ideas of the larger team
  • Build alignment through the Creative Directors and collaborate smoothly and in an empowering way
  • Transparent and candid when providing feedback, and keep the Creative Directors and Design Directors abreast of any changes or upcoming plans
  • Work closely with production to stay in scope and make responsible use of the team’s time and talents
  • Stay in close sync with the Game Director and help them upgrade the game vision. You also quickly learn to channel their larger, long-term vision and can confidently and reliably make decisions in the Game Director's absence