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Systems Creative Director

You are the vision holder for gameplay, reward, account, and activity systems across all of Destiny 2 and you hold the Systems Group accountable for the quality of these experiences. Your job is to maintain engaging, scalable, and easily extensible systems that result in high player sentiment, sustained player engagement, and success in our MTX revenue goals.

You are accountable for building systems that ensure achievable content demands for the game. Along with the Systems Production Director, you create and promote a systems roadmap that all releases can build on. You then ensure that all major releases are building towards complementary systemic goals. Your creative success is measured by the Destiny 2 Game Director. The Destiny 2 Design Director holds you accountable for executional outcomes. The Systems Production Director is your closest collaborator and primary client, holding you accountable for product and business success.

During these uncertain times and rapidly changing environment surrounding COVID-19, all positions at Bungie are subject to onboarding and working virtually/remotely.


  • Responsible for creative vision of long-term Systems roadmap which includes both free and paid content that delights and engages
  • Hold Systems Leadership accountable for making progress towards goals and vision
  • Foster a culture of collaboration, transparency and trust among the Systems Leadership Team and the Systems Area Leads (Rewards, Gameplay, etc.)
  • Build alignment among Systems creative leadership, regularly pitching the current design and carefully taking their feedback into account
  • Hold Systems Leadership and Systems Area Leads accountable for ensuring high alignment and high quality product
  • Work closely with Systems Production Director to make sure Systems is staffed and structured to achieve its mandate and business goals.
  • Act as the primary creative interface between Systems dev group and the Destiny 2 Leadership Team
  • Work closely with Vanguard and Scenario Creative Directors to dovetail product design of their content with the Systems content roadmap
  • Distill a compelling creative vision for Systems dev group integration with Scenario and Vanguard releases which will meet Franchise goals
  • Work closely on each content release’s Greenlight, Prog Rep, and Experience Complete milestones to maximize quality
  • Contribute to our seasonal and annual beat product design to maximize retention, sentiment, and conversion
  • Proactively align with Destiny and dev group leadership
  • Maintain a strong positive relationship with each dev group and the Destiny 2 Leadership Team
  • Continuously create alignment of Systems Creative direction with other dev groups, studio leadership, and business plans
  • Relentlessly identify areas of misalignment or concern, and express those concerns in productive, respectful ways
  • When misaligned with a decision, be willing to disagree and commit and then reinforce that decision throughout the org
  • Work with Destiny 2 Leadership Team to define KPIs, measure success, and identify strategic opportunities for improvement
  • Works closely the Destiny 2 Leadership Team to build and maintain a roadmap and calendar for the live game, and to understand drivers of long-term retention and MTX spend.
  • Closely monitor the Live game, assessing the threat level of quality and sentiment issues and proactively identifying opportunities to either respond quickly or to inform the longer-term Systems roadmap
  • Work with other Creative Directors, Publishing, and Franchise to set the tone and strategy of communication with the player-base
  • Build strong relationships with Community and Publishing to ensure our live communications and brand positioning evolve alongside our game-as-a-service

Required Skills

  • Internal game development experience in a creative leadership role (or comparable leadership role with high product design involvement)
  • Exemplary communication skills, outstanding analytical skills, and attention to detail
  • Social intelligence, great interpersonal skills, and empathy for creative teams
  • Demonstrable Product acumen to inform subjective product opinions
  • Commitment to the principles of servant leadership
  • Strong desire for Continuous improvement in all aspects of the job
  • Experience working on a live game ("game as a service") preferred