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Incubation Game Director

Help define the future of Bungie games! Are you inspired to create a hopeful new world that brings players together from all over the planet? Do you seek out what’s next in gaming and find inspiration from many sources as you shape new player activities? Do you dream of groundbreaking new online social experiences the world has never seen?

Bungie is seeking a Game Director for an exciting project in Incubation. In this role, you are responsible for the larger creative vision of the game and resulting franchise. Your job is to forge all creative aspects of the project into a unified experience that delights millions. You will partner with the Discipline Directors and Project Lead to ensure that the product is beloved by our target audience, viewed as innovative in a crowded marketplace, and sustainable for years to come.

During these uncertain times and rapidly changing environment surrounding COVID-19, all positions at Bungie are subject to onboarding and working virtually/remotely.


  • You will work with the discipline directors to ensure there is a clear and compelling set of pillars that the launch product and annual releases can build around. You also work with the directors to create feature sets that are aligned with these goals, meet business needs, and keep players excited and engaged.
  • Your job is to boldly promote the pillars and the product design to the team and the company at large, building high levels of alignment and enthusiasm. You are also responsible for revising and maintaining the product vision based on feedback from the Project Lead and the Discipline Directors. You are great at explaining creative ideas clearly and concisely, and ensuring the “why” behind the vision is understood by the team.
  • You will hold Discipline Directors accountable for the quality and accuracy of work their group produces. You also work with your Leadership teammates to ensure all disciplines are aligned and bringing all necessary resources to bear on every live release.
  • You are an adept delegator who understands the core of this role is to set overall creative goals and vision, and then trust the Discipline Leads and their teams to execute on that vision. You seek out the best ideas and swap out better ideas for lesser ones, regardless of the source.

Required Skills

  • Fearless communicator. You can convey a vision quickly and inspire and unleash the team to execute on it
  • Relentlessly upgrade the vision by drawing on the creative energy and ideas of the larger team
  • Build alignment through the Discipline Directors and collaborate smoothly and in an empowering way
  • Transparent and candid when providing feedback, and able to keep the Discipline Directors abreast of any changes or upcoming plans
  • Work closely with Production to stay in scope and make responsible use of the team’s time and talents
  • Stay in close sync with the Project Lead and help them ensure the game vision is in line with the business goals for both the business unit and Bungie as a whole
  • Demonstrated games industry experience shipping multiple releases as a Game Director, Creative Director, or potentially creative Discipline Lead
  • Thorough understanding of live game development and games as a service
  • Excellent understanding of player motivations and proven experience both attracting new players and retaining existing players with exceptional game content
  • Aware of innovations and trends in multiplayer and social gaming. Looks to all forms of media and device use for inspiration and insight into user habits and desires
  • Great people management skills and excitement for developing others and helping them thrive
  • Ability to develop thoughts around multi-platform franchise development that inform their approach to new IP and game development
  • Experience shipping games on multiple platforms, ideally with cross-play

Nice To Have Skills

  • Experience developing games for international markets
  • Experience recruiting creative talent and leveraging a strong creative network

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