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Franchise Narrative Director

Bungie is seeking an experienced Narrative Director to be responsible for the narrative execution of the entire Destiny franchise. You will vet the franchise narrative vision from an executional standpoint, and make it a reality. Working closely with project-level creative and narrative directors, you will ensure high levels of alignment, high quality output, and high team health. You are ultimately accountable for the narrative organization’s alignment with the franchise vision and with other disciplines. This role will report creatively to the franchise game director.


  • Align readily with franchise goals and boldly challenge conceptual and executional concerns with a commitment to updated goals once a decision is made
  • Collaboratively establish and vet the franchise roadmap, then expose any executional or conceptual concerns
  • Bring together creative and narrative staff across products to ensure continuity of experience
  • Align with other franchise discipline leads, pitching the current long-term narrative vision while taking feedback into account
  • Relentlessly build alignment throughout the narrative team
  • Collaborate with the Narrative Manager to oversee and inform all hiring decisions for narrative roles
  • Work with the Narrative Manager to establish and maintain performance management standards for the narrative organization
  • Oversee any outsourcing required to achieve franchise goals and budget constraints
  • Liaise with marketing, licensing, and other external partners to ensure consistency of narrative across all channels

Required Skills

  • Demonstrated experience effectively subdividing and delegating large & ambiguous problem spaces
  • Proven ability to exercise an editorial eye for consistency in tone and voice across multiple release vehicles
  • Strong desire to advocate for narrative as a craft and build consensus inside teams and with collaborators
  • Passion for providing narrative mentorship and continuous craft education oversight to the narrative team
  • Ability to generate excitement among creative and narrative leadership
  • Experience building effective and creative methods to hold teams accountable for alignment levels and quality of output
  • Solid ability to build a private brain trust of people who give strong and candid feedback

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