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Production Director

Bungie seeks a Production Director (PD) to lead one of the Destiny franchise's development groups. The Production Director is ultimately responsible for organizational health and effectiveness as well as product quality for their area of the franchise. The PD is responsible for aligning with Destiny franchise leadership and other development group Production Directors on our strategic plans / product roadmap and guiding their team to deliver against that roadmap at high quality in a sustainable way. The PD is also responsible for the Production organization within their development group, ensuring that the team follows best practices and handling management and career growth of their producers.

The Production Director is accountable to the Destiny 2 Executive Producer.

During these uncertain times and rapidly changing environment surrounding COVID-19, all positions at Bungie are subject to onboarding and working virtually/remotely.


  • Deliver Destiny releases that reflect our committed franchise goals with a team that is willing and able to repeat its success while adhering to established budgets
  • Lead and mentor members of your development group's leadership team; Ensure the leadership team is working together effectively to achieve the group's goals
  • Design and iterate on the organizational structure of your development group, ensuring efficiency, sustainability, and high overall team health
  • Evaluate development group staffing needs across all disciplines and make final decisions on staffing priorities and asks
  • Manage all budgets for your development group
  • Foster an understanding of Destiny franchise goals and vision within your development group
  • Serve as the ultimate escalation point for decision making within your development group
  • Collaborate with other development group Production Directors to ensure plans are aligned and moving in lockstep
  • Work with the Destiny 2 leadership team to help create and deliver on the roadmap of future Destiny releases
  • Manage and direct Producers within your development group. Collaborate with them to define near-term goals. Mentor them regarding project or people challenges; Support them in achieving career objectives
  • Help shape and commit to the evolution of production practices at Bungie

Required Skills

  • Internal game development experience in a project leadership role (or comparable leadership role for a 50+ person team)
  • Exemplary communication skills, outstanding analytical skills, and attention to detail
  • Social intelligence, great interpersonal skills, and empathy for creative teams
  • Demonstrable product acumen to guide subjective product decision making
  • Champion for agile ways of working and a proven track record of applying agile concepts and practices
  • Commitment to the principles of servant leadership
  • Strong desire for continuous improvement in all aspects of the job
  • Experience working on a live game ("game as a service") preferred