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Technical UI Designer

Bungie is seeking a Technical UI Designer to join our UI/UX Org in an environment of passion, creativity, and refinement! This design role will plan and implement large-scale experiential features in close collaboration with Design Leads and Creative Directors to deliver large experiences within major releases of Destiny.




  • Build and maintain large-scale UI/UX features within our Systems Org and contribute directly to our design guidelines and style guides
  • Master proprietary software tools and pipeline processes to implement visual designs (including visual elements like text, bitmaps, and animations) to a fully-functional and polished state
  • Collaborate with engineering on toolbox, technical requirements, and data flows
  • Collaborate closely with fellow designers to creatively solve design problems, taking into account UX principles and technical limitations
  • Devise and champion best practices for implementation in the areas of structure, organization, reusability, and maintainability
  • Champion best practices for UI content development and principles and communicate changes to stakeholders across a whole project
  • Utilize graphics software applications to design and produce graphics for UI content
  • Aid and support in final design and visual polish of various in-game elements, as needed

Required Skills

  • Experience in the field of technical implementation and deployment of large-scale games or software solutions
  • Skills in implementing a fully functional and visually polished User Interface
  • Practical understanding of UX methodology, UI mechanics, and Design theory
  • Effective at communication and problem solving
  • An understanding of graphics optimization and engine constraints
  • Ability to take creative approach to solving challenging, complex problems
  • Strong organization skills and the ability to follow established conventions
  • Technical ability to pick up complex authoring tools effectively
  • Passion for making industry leading game UI

Nice To Have Skills

  • Scripting/programming experience
  • Experience working in Agile and using a User-Centered Design process
  • Previous working experience in games across multiple platforms
  • Motion Graphics and Visual Effects