New Worlds, New Friendships

The heart of Bungie is in charting the future. We’re exploring new ideas, new worlds, and new genres to reach fans of every kind. That means new opportunities for highly skilled, passionate developers who want to make an impact.

Build the Next Great Adventures

The future of Bungie games is more diverse than ever. Incubating new ideas means exploring possibilities, challenging assumptions, and breaking beyond traditional barriers. We’re lighting out on a journey of discovery, and we want you at our side.


Our Incubation Pillars

Games have limitless potential. While rules are meant to be broken on the cutting edge of creativity, we hold a set of core beliefs that guide our explorations when developing new ideas.


Be Bold

We believe that exploring new technology, new genres, and new opportunities is the fertile soil in which meaningful ideas and genre-defining games are grown. We want to build experiences that players can enjoy for years or even decades.


The Engines of Friendship

Games are at their best when enjoyed with one another. We build worlds that players can lose themselves in, experience unique adventures, share a feeling of hope, and create lifelong memories… together.


Make Magic

We believe good ideas are easy to come by, but greatness comes from constant reflection, respectful feedback, and a willingness to put aside tradition and push ourselves forward. We believe in highly collaborative teams that are empowered to take risks, with one clear goal in mind: Make magic.

Enriching Lives

To us, games are more than just business opportunities; they are a method by which the world can connect to one another. We believe that enriching people’s lives is the true realization of success.